Spinners is an visual novel and is a modern take of some classic fairy tales. Spinners is about siblings Midas and Lydia, whose close relationship starts falling apart when they gain power in the kingdom. The audience will be able to switch between Midas and Lydia’s perspectives and experience the story from their point of view. If you are interested in playing it you can use the button down below

Deli Delight


Deli Delight is an interactive visual novel where the player starts working in a supermarket, and he/she gets to date 3 possible love interests there. However nothing is as it seems, as the supermarket holds a dark secret. What that secret is? You can find out by yourself.

For Deli Delight I took a less visual direction and mostly worked on the writing and the coding of the visual novel.  That’s not to say I didn’t do anything visual I made the menu visuals and some concept art for Bonnie. I also created her older sister Britta, who you see next to this text.

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